JavaScript is at the forefront of the programming realm. Out of over 1.6 billion websites on the Internet, JavaScript is used in 95% of them.

Common examples of JavaScript uses and applications include:

Features of JavaScript

As a client-side scripting language tailored to the browsing experience it is made to support all major browsers with full integration of HTML/CSS.

Its description as a scripting language means code can be written right into HTML and executed at run-time without the need for prior compilation.

Ultimately this reduces the load on the server each time…

What is K-means Clustering?

k-means is one of the simplest unsupervised learning algorithms that solve the well-known clustering problem. Kmeans algorithm is an iterative algorithm that tries to partition the dataset into Kpre-defined distinct non-overlapping subgroups (clusters) where each data point belongs to only one group.

K-Means is one of the most popular “clustering” algorithms. K-means stores $k$ centroids that it uses to define clusters. A point is considered to be in a particular cluster if it is closer to that cluster’s centroid than any other centroid.

K-means Algorithm

The way the K-means algorithm works is as follows:

❄️ Create a program that performs the below-mentioned task upon recognizing a particular face.

Task 6.1

📌 When it detects your face then —
👉 First, it sends mail to your mail-id by writing this is the face of your_name.
👉 Second, it sends a WhatsApp message to your friend, it can be anything.

Task 6.2

📌 When it recognizes the face, it can be your friend or family members face.
👉 Create EC2 instance in the AWS using CLI.
👉 Create 5GB EBS volume and attach it to the instance.

I have provided the video demonstration links of each part of the task separately for better understanding.

Task 6.1

Task 6.2

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Thank you!!!

We have created a live-streaming video chat app using the cv2-module of python. This app is created using cv2 and socket programming together.

Here is the demo of how our live streaming video chat app runs:

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🔅 Task 4.1

📌 Create an image by yourself Using Python Code

🔅 Task 4.2

📌 Take 2 images crop some parts of both images and swap them.

🔅 Task 4.3

📌 Take 2 images and combine them to form a single image. For example collage.

Task 4.1

What is Confusion Matrix?
A confusion matrix is a type of table construct that plays a specific role in machine learning and related engineering. It helps to show the prediction and recall in a system where the test data values are known.

A Confusion matrix is an N x N matrix used for evaluating the performance of a classification model, where N is the number of target classes. The matrix compares the actual target values with those predicted by the machine learning model. …

Task Description:
GUI container on the Docker
- Launch a container on docker in GUI mode
- Run any GUI software on the container

We will see how to Containerise a GUI app in Docker:

There can be two types of applications (usually services) that you can containerise,

  • Applications that run as a Background Service (like a Database, WebServer, etc)
  • GUI Applications that (obviously!) run in the foreground

We will go with the second option this time and explore how to launch a GUI application in the Docker container.

Hello everyone,
This time we are going to perform something interesting. Today we will be running and training a machine learning model on top of the docker container.

It’s a Simple Linear Regression Model, using the SalaryData.csv dataset. We will be predicting the salary by training the same model on the centos docker container.

Everything will be explained using screenshots of the outputs taken during the execution of the whole process.

2. Launched the container using the centos image named ‘summer1'.

I have come to learn many new interesting topics that all I have ever wanted to learn.

Topics like:

  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Speech Recognition

Some core topics related to AWS such as:

  • AWS Rekognition
  • AWS Lex
  • AWS Polly
  • AWS Transcribe
  • AWS Kendra
  • AWS Lex
  • AWS CodeGuru
  • And some great integrations as well.

This workshop has clear my view on all the possible aspects of computer vision and NLP.

I would like to Mr.Vimal Daga Sir for taking such an amazing workshop. It was my pleasure to learn from him and improve my knowledge and skills in this field.

Prakhar Lad

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