A setup such that we can ping GOOGLE but not FACEBOOK

This is a completely practical based task so here I will go through the practical using its screenshots.

Step-1: We have checked that we can now ping both Google and Facebook respectively.

Step-2: Now, we will find the IP address of www.google.com

Step-3: Then, we have checked the routing table and found that IP is a gateway to the public world, which means with this destination we can connect anywhere in the world.

Step-4: Delete that particular entity from the routing table.

Step-5: Now, we can see that we cannot both google and Facebook.

Step-6: Hereafter this step, we will re-configure the routing table such that we can connect or ping only to www.google.com

Step-7: We have seen that we can ping google.com very easily but now we will check whether we can ping facebook.com or not.

As we can see that after making changes to the routing table, we can easily ping to google.com but when we had tried to ping facebook, it was unreachable.

Hence, I have successfully accomplished another task at Arth.

Thank You!!